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Sailor Moon 2014

So I wrote up this whole review after watching the first episode two weeks ago and never posted it. Mainly I was concerned over how flat the animation was. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see a little more detail on the animation. Its still a bit flat and I did still see some moments of derp face. However I can tell that its a slight improvement. Which made me very happy. So now I can say I am extremely excited to see the rest of the reboot. I can’t wait to see Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) or Haruka (Sailor Uranus) they are my favs :)

My First Impressions of Heroes of the Storm

So I wrote this up not that long ago regarding my first impressions of HOTS. If you have never played a MOBA or were just curious what the game has then take a look of what i wrote up here. BTW sorry for all the grammar and such. I wrote it at 2 am during a game 

First a little story about fixing my account because I feel like it. 

I got the email recently to enter into Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) Technical Alpha. I have always had high expectations from Blizzard and after being disappointed from the 2013 PAX East announcement of a “New IP” that wasn’t aka Hearthstone. Which by the way is an alright game to help pass the time. So when I say some info at this previous PAX East last month I was excited for a change of pace compared to League of Legends one of the most popular games right now. Which is also a good game but I needed a change of pace.


Let me start of that when I recieved my invite and attempted to log into my keychain authenticator was not working. Well the keychain itself worked fine, codes loaded up however it was out of sync with my account. I can say that fixing it took a bit of time but was made easy with the chat feature from Blizzards customer support. I was even able to update my name on my account since I had been so lazy to do so after five years of being married with a new name. The support technician was not only helpful but had a good sense of humor too. Even when the chat window itself was being kinda broken they were very nice. Here is the email they sent me when they fixed my account.


This is Izzgigglet from Blizzard Entertainment’s Customer Services. :) Thank you for reaching out to us today and giving me the chance to help! I am sending you this message as a follow-up to our earlier conversation.


During our support chat, we were able to get you merrily logged back into your account with full and complete access. HUZZAH!


We were also able to update the name on your account to your legal name.


If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. We’re more than happy to help, seriously, it is why we are here! Thank you for your time, your patience, and, mostly, thank you for contacting Blizzard.




( . . )

C(“)(“) I hope you have a great day!!”


Once I was able to get that all fixed I started my game download overnight and didn’t get to it till the weekend.




Here is what you see if you are in the Technical Alpha right now. The application just has an icon for it just like everything else.  Which if you have not done so already go to your account online and opt into this beta. Your account will not do this automatically for you. So if you want to play take a minute and update that mmk?


Now I already went through and played the tutorial which I wish I could of skipped to jump right in but its a detailed one that for new players of any MOBA will help them understand what to do.

So here is what you see when you are at the main menu. Look at that screenshot yo ain’t it awesome?image

Ain’t it pretty? Its all purpley and pretty. This is actually updated from before so I can tell you the main menu has changed slightly on the right side. There appears to be more options for finding a party with people so you are not waiting forever in a queue.


As you can see there are daily quests and hero quests. I have not unlocked hero quests yet on my account. But with quests you can get gold. Which you will need to unlock characters (or pay real money but who does that heh heh)image


As you can see daily quests are pretty simple. Win a game, play with a certain hero and you earn gold. Easy peasy. Save up that gold when you can as it will costs you quite a bit to unlock heroes. The price ranged from 2000 all the way up to 10k. Now remember this is an alpha so the prices from the currency may change until the games full release but I have a feeling the pricing structure will be similar to League of Legends in that stronger champions will cost more money than weaker ones.


There are quite a few heroes to choose from. Right now there are 26 heroes which is a good number to start out with. And the customization of those heroes graphically is pretty awesome. Think about it you can play as a Murky (a murloc of course!) and dress him up as a space marine from starcraft. Dont like the suit being blue, the more you play the more stuff you unlock such as skins and color variations. So If i play enough I can buy Murky, unlock his costume and unlock different color variations on him.


I mean who wouldn’t want a crazy undead chef to pull you around and kill you?


See look at that crazy monster there! Definitely a chef I want in my kitchen err.. team. All those dangling sausages and a spiked ham to impale your enemies with.


So far there are three modes to choose from in the alpha. Practice if you’re a total nooblet, Coperative for those who want to play on easy mode against bots and Versus for those who want to play with other human beings.


No matter which you choose you will be sent to the character selection screen.


image Its pretty straight forward. Select the hero you want and hit ready when you are ready to play. The only annoying thing about this is you can hit cancel at anytime. Which is good and bad. I played with my husband in a party and I could spam cancel whenever I wanted backing out of the game queue. So hopefully by the time of release they can adjust this so if you are in a party only the party leader can cancel. (look at all the purpley goodness ITS EVERYWHERE)


There is also a free hero rotation each week so you will be able to try out new heroes until you are ready to buy them.


There are three maps to play on right now and they are actually quite fun. Each one is unique and has areas to help give you team an upper hand.




For this post I will be looking at the Haunted Mines. A map where after sometime you can enter the mines and kill minions for skulls. After you gather enough you spawn a super minion for your team.



Instead of you leveling up individually your team collectively gains levels when you get experience. This actually makes gameplay quite smooth as you don’t have to worry about a teammate being underleveled and dragging down the team. Every few levels you get to choose a talent which can help increase stats on skills and choose what ultimate you want as all heroes can choose between two ultimates. This make gameplay very diverse so you can customize how you play depending on the team you are up against. I choose Kerrigan as she is free this week to try her out.



Here is a look at the mines where you go to collect those skulls. Depending on how your team is doing on this map you could push a lane while your opposing team is gathering skulls. So it makes for very dynamic gameplay as you have to choose do I go get skulls or dive at a lane to get closer to the base. I will let you know that towers do run out of ammo which means you have to time out when and how quickly you will move in the game.



Here I am winning. I played a cooperative game simply so I could get screenshots during the game without hurting my teams overall performance. After playing with Kerrigan I learned that she is very powerful and can be very useful in a team fight. I got several triple kills by dragging in my enemies so my team to add damage and finishing off heroes quickly.




After each game you get to see you level progress and experience gained. As you can tell I have not played all that much but I do like how if i play with friends there is a bonus. That encourages people to play with others to level up faster.


You can also review your stats after a game too see who did what. Pretty straight forward as usual.

Again I would like to remind everyone that still is still a Technical Alpha and the game can change up until release. They have already modified the UI in the game itself which made things a little smoother for leveling and choosing talents as well as the look and feel of navigating during gameplay. I am excited to see what else Blizzard has in store for this game. I do feel this game will be successful as long as it keeps going on this path to be creative on how to play a MOBA. So if you are looking for something different than DOTA, HON or LOL this game will certainly be a good change of pace. Best part of all is that this game will be free to play.

If you want to see more check me out on my twitch channel here 

If you follow me you will get notifications when I play so you can see the action yourself and maybe hear me talk nonsense with my cats.

PAX East 2014 Post Con Stuff

So here I am sitting at my desk wanting nothing more then to go back home, crawl into bed and go to sleep.

but I cant. I have to work. Its Lame but gotta pay bills n shit.

This past weekend was filled with good times and some meh times.

Day 0:

My and the husband dude started our trip in Thursday. Went through and got to Boston in the early afternoon. I had been a little stressed of this upcoming trip so I was already tired when we arrived. We got to the hotel and were originally going to wait to check in but bag check was full so we checked in and got settled. It wasn’t very long until all of our friends arrived.

Seeing familiar faces again was nice and I finally got to give a friend of mine her Christmas gift that has been sitting in my house since the end of November.

Day 1:

Got up early Friday morning and got ready for the day. Gathered some of the friends and went straight over to the con. One of the things I was concerned about was the bag checks. PAX announced only a week before con that the venue was requiring bag checks. And while completely understandable and reasonable I was worried that they didn’t have enough resources to process the influx of thousands and thousands of attendees trying to get into the front door. The skywalk was only scheduled to open at 11am while the front entrance was 8am and was the only main entrance at 8am. However I was very impressed that they had many stations set up and the process was very very quick. Not only that but after the 11am mark I did see more areas that were not the front door/skywalk to get into the building. I really liked that they had more side doors to help with the influx of people. So good job on getting that coordinated.

Once inside the building nothing started until 10am so it was a decision of wait in the queue line OR go after PAX XP. We quickly decided that we wanted to be first and immediately started gathering the XP. everyone walked the entire building with the exception of a few places not open yet and we gathered most of the codes by mid morning. This led us to the beabag lounge which BTW is amazing. It was pleasantly empty so we were able to rest up a bit until stuff started to open. Some of our group split off shortly after to either go to the queue room or see some panels.

This was the only day I actually got to see panels. I saw the first half of the Blizzard panel as they talked about their MOBA which looks very interesting. I will probably get it. The whole look and feel of the game is very nice and unique. There is certainly a lot more content to do compared to League. On top of it being polished by blizzard. This looks like a solid game and I cant wait to try it. So hopefully I remember today to sign up for the beta/alpha what not.

Afterwords I got to see the end of the Harmonix keynote before the rooster teeth panel. This was because they were not clearing the room from the two events so I was there early to be sure to get a seat. The sneak peaks at some of the stuff they are working on seems great. Especially Fantasia. The screen shots I got to see were very colorful and artistic and I am excited to try it one day. They did mention a bit regarding Chroma however I have been playing the alpha so I already know what to expect from this game.

Rooster Teeth - These guys are quite funny and I forgot about it from losing interest a few years ago. For some reason I stopped watching RVB, Only reason I can think of is that I got a little tired of the halo series and needed a break. However seeing their panel was refreshingly funny and entertaining so I will definitely be picking up on watching their shows again.

After these few panels I didn’t get to see any more for the rest of the weekend. I tried to go to a few but sadly they were full.

Later we and the friends decided to get food then go back and try the expo hall. As much as I loved seeing the hall the weekend had me underwhelmed. With the exception of a few things on the floor that were unique (some of which I didnt try) there was repeats of games that were showcased the year prior and some industry booths that didnt have much to offer. The indie booths seemed very impressive and I wanted to try some of their games. However their booths were almost always crowded. Which is good for them but bad for a 5’1” female who cant get close enough to see. 

What made up for the day of aimlessly wondering was seeing Anamanaguchi. I had been interested in this band for a while but never got a chance to see them live. I am so glad I went. Their music was fantastic and I had a lot of fun listening to it.

Day 2:


I already knew what 3 codes I needed for the PAX XP and managed to scan them and get straight into the expo hall for my final codes. Me and the few friends that did this ran right out and straight to the info booth to receive our prize which included a mini rubix cube for beating the puzzle AND a medal for being the fastest. Its a pretty neat piece of swag that was worth all the walking.

Cosplay! Cosplay! Cosplay! Mustache BRO!?

So I wondered the con as the classic piltover customs Heimerdinger. I was pretty comfortable except for the expo hall being too humid and hot. My mustache kept trying to fall off but I managed to keep it together long enough to impress a Rioter. (Riot Games booth dude) We got a picture together with the other Rioter taking the picture on his phone. I left with my free swag only to have to go back later to get the picture. They didn’t recognize me as I went back out of costume but were so nice and texted me the picture. :3

Sanshee Party

Had some interesting drinks, met a fellow cosplayer from danced. Sadly I never made it to the Asus/PC gamer party. But it was a pretty interesting party with a bank vault. Yup a bank vault. 

Day 3:

Wake up, so that happened. A lot of our group made their final rounds of the expo hall but this day didn’t have a whole lot to offer. I spend a lot of my time at the hotel.

A few of us ventured out to get lunch and I wasn’t in the mood to really eat. But I managed to have some pizza… only to no longer have pizza about an hour later. So I did nothing but rest a lot. Got into the pool, went to dinner much later, enjoyed company. And I even got to watch game of thrones before bed. 

Day 4 (post day):
Mostly packing and saying goodbyes to friends. One taught me how to download japanese apps from the japanese app store. Because In app purchased could be made after you switch back to the US store. My wallet will never be the same but Its awesome to now have Juebeat and Taiko on my ipad. 

The little bit that was left of our group decided to walk over and get some lunch in the 45mph wind. My hair was everywhere in my face. And my brother in law managed to grab a sign that was left over for the con. Which made it in one piece unscathed to lunch. However when my husband took it outside the wind gusts immediately started and it dented the sign. I was getting pushed around from all that wind too.

We got back to the hotel to wait a few hours before heading to the airport. Mostly taking a nap over by some couches while charging all the things. 

It was a pretty slow day overall.

We get to the airport and get through TSA which because of how crowded it was some of us got to go through TSA Pre so I didnt have to take my boots off. WIN!

Waiting at TSA for some of our other friends who had to go through the long line we met with some guys who run a podcast. And find out they are local in Michigan.  So if you are looking for a post cast try listening to Nerdsynq. They are pretty funny. 

Final thoughts

Overall my weekend seemed alright. I got to see a few awesome things even though there wasn’t a whole lot I got to do. Next year I will try to get out and line up for more. But for now I will sit at work, listen to some podcasts and when I get home today.. take a nap

Ill stop rambling now. :P

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